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The History of La Darsena Hotel and Restaurant

It is a story that begins far away when all the most beautiful villas on the lake had a dock for storing boats.

Since the early 1900s, the historic building of "La Darsena" was used as a shelter for the beautiful wooden boats that the gentlemen of those times used for their trips and to move from one bank to the other.

After various metamorphoses in the early 1960s the upper part of "La Darsena" which was used as the home of the guardians of the adjacent villa was acquired by a family from Tremezzo and transformed into a restaurant which over the years became a point of reference for lovers of good food and more, given its strategic position which offers a wonderful view overlooking the most famous central part of Lake Como.

In 2001 the now old and unstable building was taken over by the three Larian tourist operators Proserpio Alberto, Molli Ezio and Piffaretti Tiziano who gave life to an important renovation and redevelopment project.

The project that makes the most of the spaces includes a restaurant hall on the ground floor with large windows overlooking the lake, a large front terrace and a side terrace, on the upper floor where the restaurant used to be, 9 rooms have been created and 4 romantic rooms above with attic.

La Darsena Restaurant

“A story that begins far away”

The new Darsena

Towards the end of 2003 the works began, the old building was almost completely demolished and a series of pilings were carried out on which the foundations of the new dock would rest.

On 21 May 2005 the new "Darsena" opened its doors, Ezio and Tiziano who began their hotel career at a very young age with their respective wives, their sons Marcello chef of the kitchen, Giuliano Jr director and valid collaborators, thanks to the honesty, care and the passion they dedicate to their work every day means that customers can feel part of the family and spend pleasant days directly in contact with the lake.

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Hospitality has always been part of our family

The constant pursuit of excellence in satisfying the needs of our guests has inspired our family to open new accommodation facilities.

In May 2005 Ezio and his brother-in-law Tiziano opened the Boutique Hotel/Restaurant La Darsena Tremezzo.

In 2017 Tiziano moves to Kenya and the Molli family takes full management.

In May 2019 the family opened Villa Molli in Sala Comacina.

In May 2024 the family opened Villa Osee also in Sala comacina.